Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23/15 by Lee Cook

Mark 8:34-38

One of Peter's biggest obstacles to obedience was his inability to lay aside his own agenda and embrace Jesus' agenda. In Peter's defense, Jesus' agenda was almost unimaginable to Peter at the time. No one would have imagined the Messiah's vocation was to be defeated and executed as a criminal.

This morning, I am reflecting about my own agenda. Where are my blind spots? What agendas have I yet to abandon in order to follow Jesus? Following Jesus means letting go of everything for the sake of the Kingdom. What am I still clinging to?

One of the places where I have failed is in the area of evangelism. I talk about Jesus everyday but rarely to people outside the church. Most of my day is filled with meetings, sermon/class preparation, visits, and administration.  Almost all of that is church related, but I rarely escape these walls and find new ways to introduce others to the Risen Lord.

During this Lenten journey, one of my goals is to obey Jesus' call to go out and reap the harvest of the Kingdom.

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