Thursday, April 2, 2015

4/2/15 by Darrell Fernandez

John 17:1-11
Darrell’s view…. Extreme Glory to God.
I have always known that as Christians, we should live to glorify God.  While I know there are times my actions don’t glorify God, the continual aim for His glory seems reasonable right?
·         We live like Christians, right?
·         We give of ourselves to others with generosity…..
·         We think of others before ourselves….
·         We’re slow to anger, quick to listen….
·         We love our neighbors, and our enemies…
·         We pray, we worship, we share the word,
·         We praise God, and give thanks God for our blessings…
·          and there are many others ways we can glorify God.
But, do we do enough?  Do we glorify God out of obligation at times?  
Or… Do we glorify truly by a commitment and sacrifice of ourselves to be who we truly want to be, God’s servant with His glory in the highest of high priorities?
This scripture Lee provides today has been a bit of a challenge to follow and dissect many times.  But reading this scripture very carefully and thoughtfully, hearing Jesus’ passion to glorify God to be (Jesus himself) glorified by God is really interesting.  I believe it’s a lifestyle, but a challenge we can commit to!
Here’s a glorifying God lifestyle example…. Or better yet, an analogy that comes to mind….  “Jesus in the post-game pressroom.”
Jesus prayerfully reporting to the Father that his work is complete:  The football game is over.  Jesus praises God for Glory only after Jesus (and only Him, a one-man football team) just ran the winning touchdown from the back of the end zone against a tough team (ok. ok. ok. anyone’s best team - plug your’s here!)   But in the run He was battered, broken, and not going to survive because all the hits and all the adversaries.  But in the end, Jesus prayerfully reports from the pressroom and tells God “Glorify your Son that your Son may glorify you.”
Jesus truly lives to glorify God!  Corny, sorry, but He takes no glory…. All to God!
When I think of Jesus’ words in this John 1:1-11 (mainly verses 1-4) I can see that my view of glorifying God is not up to par!  Wow I’ve got work to do! Here is some of my thinking and how I fall far short with some known examples for comparison… 
Jesus lives to glorify God!  Yes, and without a doubt… But think about a few examples for comparison…..
1.       Jesus was sent by God…   And He’s God’s Son.  That’s a BIG deal! 
·         And nothing better than a stable?
ü  What? Now that’s a rough start for the Son of God.
2.       Then, how many times was Jesus wanted dead?
·         I don’t know, but lots… and all for His own good works.
·         He’s the son of God and lives His life for God and does only good!…. And He is continually challenged!
ü  But His love and faith in the Father never waivers, not once
3.       Jesus was a teacher of teachers! Always bringing comfort and joy to others and also to so many He didn’t know or even see before.  And to many He did know who did not deserve His love.
·         Yet He was continually rejected…..
ü  Always for the glory of God and He stayed the course.
4.       He gave hope, great examples and parables that are such a value to so many (including myself and others every day as we read and hear the parables….)
·         But his enemies were growing and becoming large in size and numbers.
ü He stayed the course for the glory of God.
5.       He continually helped others.  Jesus performed miracles for many by giving sight to blind, healing diseased, healing bones, healing lame to walk, and bringing life to dead.
·         He was hated, rejected for all of these great deeds and gifts of life.
ü Always for the glory of God.
Jesus’ life examples are endless related to His good doings, yet Jesus receives no worldly glory.  And it is clear, that His glory is from God the Father only.  And the Glory that Jesus received from God was only a result of His giving Glory to His Father.  (Truly, not of this world.)

These are just a few simple examples…. But on my best of best day of faith, if I put my commitment to glorify side to side, I fail.  Regarding his dedicated glory to God, Jesus says it all in verses 1-4:

1 “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do….”

1.       Does Jesus’ own glory, faith, commitment to glory for God and lifestyle come to him through glorifying God?
2.       Maybe we can consider doing all, giving all and being all for God; looking forward without even a thought of looking back… Just up!

God bless you for glory to God in all we do!

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