Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30/15 by Kerry Milbrodt

John 12:9-19

As I was contemplating these verses, I wrote down what seemed to be the main points 
and noted that many people who witnessed the raising of Lazarus were drawn to Jesus 
and followed Him to Jerusalem. The Pharisee’s hated that and determined to kill 
Lazarus as well as Jesus because His popularity was growing even more.
The day that Jesus entered Jerusalem on the donkey’s colt to praises and wild 
excitement must have seemed the end to their hopes that Jesus’ influence would fade 
away. Whether they knew it then or not, here was the fulfillment of scripture, “Blessed is 
He who comes in the name of the Lord! The King of Israel!”, though we in the 21st 
Century know what kind of king Jesus was and is.

So, knowing what we know now, what do we expect of Jesus? What kind of “king” do 
we want him to be in our lives? Are we living in expectation that things will be better if 
we “behave” and do our own, albeit pitiful, best to follow his teachings but not really 
commit to fully surrendering our selves to Him? Do we want to see the world truly 
changed by Jesus? I confess, I have always thought we would always be flawed, even 
when Jesus comes to bring Heaven and Earth together, but I was reminded recently 
that our nature will be completely transformed. Thank God for that!

I am comforted by the knowledge that the world will be entirely different when Jesus 
comes again but we are living right now and don’t have any idea when that day will be. 
I find comfort in knowing that the war against sin and death has been won though the 
skirmishes with sin continue to weigh me down. I don’t want the weight of sin to “kill” 
the love of Jesus in my heart, to make me so discouraged that I give up.

So I remember the joy of the knowledge that I have angel armies by my side, the joy of 
friendship in my church family and my own family. I remember how faithful God has 
always been, every single day of my life and that He has a plan for me. I remember that 
there are so many other Believers who have experienced God’s love in their lives and
that we are part of the throngs who follow His light.

My expectation of Jesus is that His love is far beyond my understanding but simple in its 
truth. He died for my sins that I may live in his love and presence and that I must share 
that truth with the world, no matter how weak or ineffective I feel myself to be.
Hosanna in the highest!

Kerry Milbrodt

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